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ANGELA TRAN — VANCOUVERS Dummest Flat Asian Sloot

ANGELA TRAN — VANCOUVERS Dummest Flat Asian Sloot

Meet Angela the dummest sloot. She will sleep with anyone for just a couple of dollars. I was her exbf. But she broke up with me cause she said that I love too far. She dated a new guy. A fat dude with a sex appeal of a tree branch. And she’s so dum cause she learn all her trick from her older brother. All retarded like her parents. And her older brother robbed his exgf weed house and got his a55 kicked so badly that his face looked like a tomato. Anyhow. She’s such a dum gold digger that she tries to scam everyone. Cause she’s so dum and can’t get a job. Cause she’s so flat. And ugly. But she think she this hot shiet. She goes around and sleep with so many other guys once her bf is out of town. I was there two month ago. And this sloot said that she wanted to broke up with her bf cause he’s a broke ass and go back with me. She has a birth mark. Right in between. The flat tits. To all the guys out there please dont get played by this two faced flat sloot. She told me that she always cheated on her bf it’s fun for her. I know that one dude got her drd. So please dont get played by this dirty asian sloot.

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