Andrew Brown

Deadbeat of 4 kids, over 40k owed between bbms, avoids getting garnished bc his mom opens accounts in her name, enabling him in every way. He’s a severe alcoholic, just wants to get as fucked up as quickly as possible, then turns into an even uglier thing. Threatens everything in all forms of abuse. Tries to make u dependent on him only to abandon u for alcohol which he then cheats, and when he can’t get that attention he calls cops and cfs on his bbms, as well as on his own self. He makes up pointless shit, lies about literally the stupidest insignificant shit, like a knee jerk reaction. Pathological. Has protection order and assault charges against him, but plays victim HARD. Makes women single mothers then shits on them for depending on government whether that’s child tax or fukn mat leave. He’s a degenerate that can’t hold a job cuz he doesn’t ever shut the fuck up, he’s dumb as fuck and was locked up recently from having a warrant for over a month cuz he was so drunk trying to get his dick wet while hiding at a Airbnb and got played hard and too dumb to realize he was set up. Flattery will get u far with this one, can’t resist it, and will give it back, but it’s short lived and chaos is always lurking. He’s a miserable fuck who can’t be happy for anyone, is on a mission to destroy everyone and everything in his path that he’s thinks he has power to do. Doesn’t understand the concept of karma this one, which makes sense why he only identifies as a victim. Can’t converse normal, doesn’t understand others feelings and either isn’t listening or dismisses or minimizes them, he prefers talking at u; and when intoxicated will be on loops about it until u are in literal hell and want to hurt him, make him the victim he paints the picture of his woe is me. Projects all his bullshit accusing u of his own problems.
Anyways, u were warned. He travels Canada for work when he wants to work which is maybe half the year while his mom pays for his apt and benders that take up at least half a year of self pity parties. So he could be anywhere working construction/wood framer.
Can’t miss him, he’s got fuk all for teeth, just ask to see his pearly whites.
Oh and has one of his bbms tattooed across his heart, not the recent one either tho their could be another recent at this time as well! Who knows? Who cares? If u know her and read this then u should care I guess.

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