Ana M Guzman

Beware of Ana Marie Guzman goes by Nan Guzman online. She has NO morals and no respect for boundaries. She has absolutely no respect for relationship status. She uses the single mom card and portrays herself to be a classy, professional, and a decent human being with a shy demeanor. However, she is a very manipulative, disrespectful, inconsiderate, sneaky individual.

She was intimately involved with a married man for years even after knowing about his wife and their young children. She also has had sex with some of her coworkers. #NoCondomZone Sneaks around seeing men and sleeping together even at places like the men’s car and motels, during work hours and lunch breaks. She’s allowed men to take intimate videos and photos which will not be shared here. She sends pictures of herself and her young daughter to get the men’s attention.

What she cares about is keeping herself happy and doesn’t care about the pain her choices create for other people and how much it destroys others. Sadly, she is the mother of one young girl, and these are the principles she is teaching her. She’s a selfish, lying, self-indulgent person who cares about one thing…keeping what’s between her legs happy. So, if you’re anywhere near Houston, Texas be on the lookout.

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