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Amy Wellington Family Is Messed Up

Amy Wellington Family Is Messed Up

 I have to rant about this family because of what they put my buddy through, so my buddy gets removed from his home on these ridiculous accusation and his common-law spouse Amy moved her new boyfriend into his house with held his daughter from him. This guy Steve yells in a 12-year-olds face called her names threatens to beat up the dad, Amy’s daughter can’t even go downstairs to grab a snack without worrying about overhearing them do the nasties and the Wellington family doesn’t think there is anything wrong with that. So now her daughter runs away from home to go live with her dad where she is more safe. Now she lives with her dad and her mother Amy denies them access to The home to gather clothing and belongings even with a court order Because it wasn’t convenient for her. Because she was busy in Niagara Falls with her new boyfriend Steve must’ve been celebrating her daughter running away and then the following week denied them again because Amy had to celebrate Steve’s birthday Instead of making sure her daughter had clothes for school. Amy also denied her daughter her health card and birth certificate with this COVID-19 virus going on and once again this Wellington family And Amy’s mom Glenna believes Amy has done nothing wrong. So my buddy spends hundreds of dollars to make sure his daughters got everything she needs like clothes and food well her mother is travelling to the East Coast having a time of her life with her new boyfriend Steve and like those pictures on her Instagram shows that she was travelling to the East Coast and still lies to her daughter about it. Glenna and Amy Say that my buddy is an Irresponsible Adult when it is Amy that is irresponsible.What is messed up is that my buddy worked for 19 years And has supported his family gets thrown out of his house because of BS accusations and has no right to the home or any of his belongings or his clothes and stuff that he had before that relationship all because she is a coldhearted selfish person thinks she deserves everything and he deserves nothing When she’s sat at home for years and could not keep her house looking clean because she was too busy running her family all over the city taking care of other peoples lives instead of her own and this pathetic family seems to think that Amy has done nothing wrong at all.Amy has Harassed my buddies female coworkers thinking he was seeing them Calling those 20-year-old girls slore. Had to rant because this drives me nutts how people have no shame, Oh and let’s not forget how Glenna Is infested with bed bugs And Cost my buddy $1400. One last thing a real man does not yell in a 12-year-old face , ruins a family and lives in another man’s house that he helped pay for. And by the way my buddy and his ex were never separated and if you check her text messages you might figure some stuff out and oh yeah she probably deleted those text messages LOL because she’s hiding stuff. This family does not care about the best interest Of their daughter all they care about is themselves. As long as Amy keeps feeding her family money and this new boyfriend Steve then they more than likely will believe everything she says Because they are all about her money That she gets from insurance companies$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$And all my Buddy wanted was honesty and for her to put her man and child ahead of her family as first priority and to take care of her home and to stop blaming everyone for her own insecurities

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