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Amy Antonio — The R4tchet Marlborough Slore

Amy Antonio — The R4tchet Marlborough Slore

Let me introduce to you another one of yyc’s biggest catfish – Amy Antonio. All this unemployed little girl does is stay in her sketchy room all day taking her bacterial vaginosis looking nudes while trying to find matches on Tinder. Let’s just say my buddies have gotten multiple calls from the clinic because of this irresponsible ch0la. This h0e loves cheating on her bf and is a walking DRD case. Don’t even try eating her a55 out, it smells like str8 DEUCE. She was so desperate for sex one day that I had to get some random head from my community to scr3w her in the a55. What’s even weirder is how this slore has a kink for getting cheated on and will stay with you no matter how many ppl you cheat on her with. She likes to think she’s the hottest chick in the city even though her makeup is str8 garbage. R you sure you’re old enough to be posting such sexual content when you have to ask your parents for permission to do anything amy? No wonder everyone in yyc just fuck n chucks you. including your own pedophile boyfriend who’s only capable of complimenting your physical features. thick? more like fat. snooki called and she wants her figure back you leprechaun. Amy also needs some lessons on overlining her lips folks, feel free to contact her.

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