Amir Tavassoli of Irvine, deranged man-child

Amir K Tavassoli (now 25) of Irvine California is a deranged man who lives off his parents while they enable his sick behavior since childhood. He has been under psychiatric holds multiple times but yet continues to threaten , harass, and even assaulted women. He moves from state to state and has to run back to mommy and daddy Every time a community finds out who he is. Look up “Amir Tavassoli Irvine” and you’ll see the threats on peoples lives he makes. This is a very sick and deranged man so if you ever come across him or his wife Sierra Bartholomew, run! They are both as guilty even his parents for enabling, encouraging, and funding his sick behavior. He is a college dropout but he lies to everyone saying he graduated. You can tell he dropped out at IVC by the posts about him online.

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