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Amber Martin — Dirty Sloot,DRD And Always High On Crack

Amber Martin — Dirty Sloot,DRD And Always High On Crack

This dirty sloot decided that it’s best not to tell anyone about her DRDs before sleeping with them. Men beware this is one pu55y you’ll want to avoid…if the sight doesn’t scare you the smell will.this coming from someone with only one child…how does a pu55y get that fuked up!! Hung out with her she says she has a kid but where the fuk was the kid?!?! …well better poor girl isn’t around anyways cause this chick is always straight up high on crack.she will wait till your passed out and dig through your pockets just to find crumbs…sick really hope someone decent is watching out for this hidden kid…no joke in the 4 days we hung out never saw this kid once…let’s hope she’s lying. Anyways guys watch out for this one…mother of the year..

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