Amber Danker & Couper Edwards Cheaters, Dead Beat Parents, Crack Heads

Hi! I want introduce to Couper Edwards and Amber Lynn Danker aka “Skanker” and “Easy Amber” of Grand Lake Oklahoma! She is my recent exes new fiancé see what’s funny that was they actually got engaged while we were engaged and about to start our family…he literally was going to simultaneously have two fiancés. I caught him right before our son was born. I’m disgusted how bottom barrel he has become and how horrible she is. She states she doesn’t want to be in the middle of this but she should have thought about that before sleeping KNOWINGLY with a taken man and bragging about abandonment of my son! Upon having my child in which me and him almost lost our lives, he was busy doing meth and mushrooms and MDMA with Amber instead of coming to the birth of his son. First week if June they dropped off her twins and they had PINWORMS, BED BUGS, LICE and RINGWORM! How do two little girls set in pinworms long enough for them to enter their rectum!!?!?! Then gestate! Plus the other parasites! I know this didn’t happen at his home so where did they dump them ?!?! When I tried to get DNA from Couper my child’s father, He refused and stated that he is “too busy” and I had seen several photos of him partying very hard. I have also saw him very very high in Missouri where they have been hiding to avoid getting served. She has been bragging heavily about how she “ took my man “and seems to think that it’s really hilarious that my son has no father because of their filthy actions. Did I mention shes married, and dodging getting a divorce? Ever since he got around her he looks like hell and she is YUCK! The downgrade is INSANE! All because he won’t tell the truth! When I met this totally different until they started their affair. He had cheated on me before and I caught him. I could never catch him but found signs. He chose to beat me or throw tables at my head when I would ask him. I never got the truth. He did it in public and because we lived far away and were a long distance relationship he started to say that I was a prostitute , psycho, Golddigger, hacker, thief and a cheater. What’s funny about that is couper has literally robbed, beat me pregnant six different times, abandoned me and his son, stole our recovery money for postlabor, and before that thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars and labor, would not let me get a job, had me working for him while taking credit for my work and when I was supposed to be working in trade for a truck I found out the truck wasn’t even his after I did the labor. he busted my laptop which is how I make a living most times then stole my cell phone and parts off of my car. When I found out I was pregnant was supposed to be with him for Labor Day and he had already staged a fight and proposed to his child’s mother(she said NO) as well as had a few tinder dates set up! funny enough did not sleep with him because they only wanted a boat ride! He then proceeded to call me or pocket dialed me while he was having sex with a woman that was all the day I found out I was pregnant, I receive several death threats and harassing horrible messages from then on about myself getting pregnant. He had begged for a child repeatedly and even became very angry when I said that I wanted to tie my tubes because he wanted more children. he never made it to one doctors appointment and the day that I found of the gender of our baby I had to call him repeatedly and he finally answered at 5:30 PM when he was picking up his daughter from being out partying all night. Speaking of which she also asked for a brother and she didnt even know I was pregnant with him.She still doesnt know she has a brother. He cheated right in front of his daughter me entire pregnancy. Shes the one that told me her name. He has said every story such as I have said so many men that I don’t know who the father is, that I have hidden our son from him, withheld information, I am so psycho that he literally cannot handle me, that he signed over his rights and gave me a lump sum of money which is obviously false, and many more lies. He even went as far as to take photos I had sent him of our son from his birth when he abandoned me and showed them to people and said that he came to his birth and took the photos. That he realized that the child wasn’t his. I have never cheated on this man! He has put his hands on me because he said that I was hacking his phone and the fact it was the opposite. He put PanSpy in my current phone and I just got it out. He has even kidnapped me in my underwear and threw in his truck like a ragdoll driving me 1 1/2 hours with my hair wrapped around his hand slamming my head into his console and busting the glass in his F250 around me. His friends and family have bullied me to such and extreme they went on my social media and said I deserved being alone through my pregnancy bc his claims that I am a whore which I very much am not. I now have caught Easy Amber Skaker even posting donation sites and changing one letter of her name Shes asking for 50k total stating she single and in a battered womens shelter for the fake domestic abuse she did not go through. Thats a fact. He’s getting and they are getting back everything he did to me and accused me of. Just because he has a few cool toys he uses to get girls he thinks he is invincible and the law does not apply to him…he made me famous for things I didn’t do. So please feel free…more than that..I am asking you to please share this and make them famous for what they actually did!

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