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Amanda Mightas — Babygirl Needs To Grow Up

Amanda Mightas — Babygirl Needs To Grow Up

This girl has more body counts than she does fingers and toes. She wont say no to those wanna tap her, and often oblivious that guys use her for sex. Mightas well just become a sugar baby. She’s infected and her breath smell like her favorite flavor of toothpaste is a55. Gets sloppy drunk all the time cant hold her liquor. She dyed her hair purple and ended up looking like a crazy person She claims shes a damn good mom but pays more attention to her phone and drama then her boys. Still living with mommy and daddy and they raise them more then she do. Once she done with you, she’ll run back to her baby daddy like she was loyal to him the whole time. Always going on these long rants about how shes not perfect and shes trying, try harder! Grow up. Get help. Queen needs to be dethroned.

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