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Alison Steil Dirty Rat Snake Pepsi Slore D Styles

Alison Steil Dirty Rat Snake Pepsi Slore D Styles

This nasty old wannabe is a professional conartist. She claims to run her own biz painting and braiding hair but still sleeps with a dif man every weekend. She always talks about she gets hers and she pays for everything meanwhile shes harassing and threatening all 5 of her baby dads for money but wont let them see their kids smfh…wheres all ur work money boo…lol i was friends for years with this dirty women and i sure wasted a lot of time and money helping her through her sobing situations she claimed to be having. Just to find out shes sucking every guy she braids too. She always has diff men in her house and around her kids mind u her house is a pigpen i hated watching her poor babies lay on her filthy floor and sleep in her piss smelling sheets. She smelt like raw salt fish or wait 10 day old cabbage water describes her stench better and that was just from sitting next to her…She has no life she will play u for a fool and have u believing everything talk shit about people and run your biz quick. Her bestfriend is her lawyer and she even snaked her. Shes just a dirty cop calling pu55yhole Idk why cas hasnt given the kids to their fathers yet all shes worried about is drinking and snorting partying every weekend its her life and she loves young boys she even admits it on aocial media always telling her friends to watch their sons cuz shell steal them away shes almost 40 with like 6 kids for god sakes someone needs to tell her its time to stop worrying about herself and think about being a mature mother like she claims to be. Watch you man ladies shes great at manipulating them.

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