Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Reno

Alexes Melendez-Adakai — Watch Out! MISS STANK IS OUT AGAIN

Alexes Melendez-Adakai — Watch Out! MISS STANK IS OUT AGAIN

Lexi Dianne-Marie. Changes all stories to her benefit. Tries to act like she is hot sht but it is pretty obvious why she has the need to use filters and only take pictures of her face. The attitude matches the looks. Adakai… back to Melendez now? Her second baby daddy wifed her up but he was finally able to kick her loose. Locked her out of his house. He wishes she never lied about her birth control but maybe he should have worried more about all the guys she was talking to behind her back. Sure he slammed a girl in the bathroom while she was in the living room and already has a hot blonde coming over while she is at work. But Lexi is the biggest liar there is. She sends nudes to people then tries to blame it on taken men then getting their wives involved… when some men don’t even have phones or the app in question. She took hundreds from her best friend Kaitlyn Joy to move into an apartment, fell apart but of course she had to have some idiot to follow her around and listen in on the drama since she constantly harassing her first baby daddy and his family. I’m not too sure how her first born would be if it wasn’t for his step mom and his dad. Her focus is always on the next guy to get her kids to call daddy and never anything actually important. Take this as a solid warning to stay away from this disaster. She will not benefit you in any way she only strives to be spiteful and take advantage for her own benefit. RUN the OTHER WAY Reno boys… tough to say but even 4th street is safer than her.

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