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Alayna Franklin — Full Of Herself Ex Methhead Drugdealer

Alayna Franklin — Full Of Herself Ex Methhead Drugdealer

So most people know Alayna as the one of the big drug dealers in town. *eyeroll* Most don’t know she was a heavy meth head back in her day. She also now feels the need to make money from an onlyfans page.. Lmfao!!!! she posts the most unflattering pictures of her nasty loose skin and rolls. No thanks. Go for a run or something it might do your flabby body some good. She acts like her sht don’t stink and treats people like sht when she doesn’t get her way. Sorry you ugly fkn wannabe princess but your day is coming so you just keep doing you and I’ll sit back and patiently wait for that day. Stoopid b1tch!

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