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Alannah Dumais — Aka Dumma Will Fuk Your Man

Alannah Dumais — Aka Dumma Will Fuk Your Man

Where to start. Alannah acts like she’s all that. Works as a medical assistant and pretends she’s a decent girl. She’s an undercover hoe and will fuk anyone. Recently I found messages between her and my husband who I have a child with. She knew that he was married and threw herself at him and offer to suk him off after knowing him only through social media for one day. After all this happened I heard from another person that she goes to parties and literally will fuk anyone and she throws herself on guys. She doesn’t care if they’re taken or not and she begs guys to fuk her. She loves Lebs and Black guys so watch out ladies. I don’t have to comment on her looks the pics say it all.

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Ayleena Ainscow is the biggest lying piece of shit

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