Cheaters Complaint Against Cheaters Halifax

Aidan Nodwell — Big Nose Nodwell

Aidan Nodwell — Big Nose Nodwell

 This gay a55 b1tch is all about gossip, drama, and making people’s lives miserable, all he does for a living is work at stinky McDonald’s, that he got from his gay ass b1tch lover manger. He always has boogies hanging out of his big nose, his boogies probably fall into the food where he works, his feet b1tch don’t even get me started, they be the worst feature about this child, they be smelling like the garbage trucks! He is the fakest person you will ever Encounter, he likes to use people to get places in life, he’s the cheapest bastard out there, he will make up lies about you and spread nasty things, whatever you do DON’T TRUST THIS CHILD FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

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