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Aaron Oland (AKA Frank On Dating Sites) – Lying, Cheating POS

Aaron Oland (AKA Frank On Dating Sites) – Lying, Cheating POS

 Aaron Oland, well he’s a real piece of work. Steer clear of this douchebag, you will find he doesn’t like to cheat with just one woman but multiple women at the same time and doesn’t use consume. He doesn’t care how old or young they are as long as you have a Vag. He will pretend he’s heartbroken and hurt from him ex-wife cheating on him, and he will seem very convincing as he tears up and tells you of how much he’s been hurt and how all that he’s loved just leave him anyway. He will talk about his heartbreak and scars from exes, like a wounded little puppy. But these are all just lies and he lies through his teeth, he’s a manipulator and nothing but a waste of skin. While he’s messaging you, he’ll be messaging anyone else that gives him attention because he feels so badly about himself that he needs to have a constant supply of energy from the women (or men) he preys on. He will tell your your beautiful with no makeup on and push his forehead against yours when he kisses you. But he does this to everyone so don’t feel special. Any guy that hates his mom as much as this POS has ZERO respect for women. And if he hurts you, well he will tell you he doesn’t like to say sorry so don’t expect an apology, at least nothing genuine. He will tell you he hasn’t been with any women since his wife left him, when he’s been with a lot, and some all at the same time – 6 at least at one time. Who knows what he’s caught from whomever, so steer clear…he’s as dirty and trashy as they come but he can be charming. He is a predator, he will present to listen and say he’s a good guy…he’s just not. If you don’t want to be used up by this energy sucking vampire of a person … just steer clear. He’s bad, he’ll never change bc and he doesn’t care where he sticks it or who he sticks it in. And he’ll send you all the dik pics but he’ll be sending the same ones to whenever else he’s sucked in. Save your heart and your self and stay away from this POS.

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