3 Strikes B*!ch: Homewrecker, Cheater and Druggie

Tiffany Marie Daly is a 3 Strike B*!ch!! A Homewrecker! A Cheater!! and a Druggie Addict Slut!!!
This whore lives in Springfield Oregon and goes put on the prowl to find married and taken men just so she can manipulate them into giving her what she wants by offering sexual favors in exchange for money or drugs. Her Rap Sheet is litered with drug possessions and child endangerment. Why would care about how she ruins so many other relationships and families when she clearly doesn’t care about her own! Yes my friends she is also married with children!! She obviously respects the sanctity of marriage and what it stands for! And what a fabulous role model she is for her youngsters.
This piece of trash has jumped from one married man to another destroying lives without even looking back. I know of 3 married and/or taken men that she has had affairs with just this year so far!! Watch out ladies because if she sets her sights on your man she won’t let up till she gets what she wants and she has proven time and time again that she is willing to do anything….literally ANYTHING to get what she wants. Oh and FYI this whore also thinks of herself as an aspiring porn star and has used this fantasy to get men to meet her in cheap hotel rooms to help her “make her movie” telling them it’s not cheating because it’s acting!! The only acting this slut does is pretending to care about someone just to get what she wants out of them before she drops them on their ass on her way out the door!! If you are ever unfortunate enough to meet this Bimbo then turn your back and walk away immediately cuz she is not your friend she is a fake, selfish, druggie sex addict so she doesn’t care who she hurts with her awful behaviors as long as she comes out on top…No pun intended!

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